Beatties Ford Road Corridor Small Area Plan


In response to community concerns about growing commercial development pressure along the western area of the Beatties Ford Road corridor, the Town of Huntersville retained Neighboring Concepts and Kimley Horn to prepare the Beatties Ford Road Small Area Plan.

The planning process utilized a consultant team of planners, transportation engineers, market economists and a three-day community charette to develop a unique approach to growth management, urban form, long range planning and environmental protection. Innovative approaches included the use of CommunityViz GIS software and the use of area wide infrastructure needs analysis integrated with sector plan level land use allocations.  Appropriate commercial development was matched to population growth and market potential forecasted through the year 2017. The plan described a preservation strategy for lands within and without critical watershed areas and to further protect the area’s seven county nature preserves and federally protected natural areas. Included were descriptions and guidelines for an “Equestrian Use Corridor” and a robust network of non-vehicular transportation trails and amenities.

Location: Huntersville, NC
Status: Complete
Services: Planning