Neighboring Concepts prepared a six phase master plan for the expansion of St. Paul Baptist Church. This urban church will expand its outreach and ministries in a five block area in the Belmont neighborhood near downtown Charlotte. The plan includes renovations and/or a new church addition, a 5,000 square foot day care center, a storefront level church thrift store, food pantry, book store, and 3 1/2 blocks of residential units. The approximately 250 residential units (including 83 senior units) will be built in later phases in diverse unit types. The plan will necessitate 1,200 parking spaces, most of which will be inner block, concealed behind the new buildings. The buildings will be mostly two stories, fronting the street, with traditional building features such as gable roofs, front porches, and large, well-defined entryways. An open plaza will be created at the intersection of Allen and 17th Street, in order to emphasize the main entrance of the old church building. The goal of the project is to facilitate new services and housing for the church and local community while respecting the medium density, residential character of the surrounding neighborhood.

Location: Charlotte, NC
Status: Ongoing
Project Size: 6-phase master plan
Services: Planning