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UNC Charlotte
Major in Architecture




A Bit About

Marshall Parvin

Marshall is a full-time student enrolled in the School of Architecture at UNC Charlotte - approaching his senior year in the program. Marshall has a passion for architecture, and he brings this passion to our team. He is a talented and smart student who adds a strong work ethic to our firm.


“I see architecture as an intersection between art and practicality that can benefit people’s lives. I'm a big believer in architecture's ability to inspire both on an individual level and across a wider culture. It's an art form that can have a transformative effect on the people who experience it.

I joined Neighboring because of the fun environment - it’s nice to be around such interesting people and I have been able to learn a lot about the profession.

In between making meals, the rest of my time is spent studying, working, reading, gaming, and hanging out with friends. When I’m not at Neighboring, I’m a full-time student.

One of my most memorable experiences was going on an architecture field trip in DC. After the trip a few friends and I went camping - visiting a different city every day. We got to see Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, and then back to New Jersey before finishing in Baltimore. “

If I weren’t an architect I’d be…
A Forest Ranger


Marshall + high school friends (who are now college roommates)