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Tommy Magaraci


704-374-0916 x 2526


Starting year in industry:


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UNC Charlotte (Third Year)
Bachelor in Architecture




A Bit About

Tommy Magaraci

Tommy, a junior undergraduate in the School of Architecture at UNC Charlotte, finds satisfaction in being a part of bringing an idea to fruition. He strives to bring a fresh perspective when approaching design problems.


“Architecture provides me with an opportunity to leave my mark on the world in a physical sense. During the school year, I’m a student at UNC Charlotte pursuing my Bachelor’s in Architecture. When I was interviewing for this position, I immediately noticed the laidback environment uniquely tethered to an atmosphere built for collaboration - this attracted me to the firm. On top of this, I can tell the team genuinely cares about the value I bring to the firm - even as an intern.

During the school days I start working on studio projects as soon as I get up in the morning. After class, my roommates and I usually go to the pool, watch a movie, and I knock out some homework during that time. In high school I ran a mile in under five minutes - I’ve always enjoyed cross county and track and our team even went to states.”

If I weren’t an architect I’d be . . .
“A civil engineer or an industrial designer”

TJ + girlfriend Robyn + college roommates and their dog Ember

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