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Everything You Need to Know About Public Transportation in Charlotte, NC

If you're new to Charlotte, NC, or just visiting, you may be wondering how to get around using public transportation. Look no further! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about riding the bus, light rail, and streetcar in Charlotte.

An overview of public transportation in Charlotte, NC, including the bus system, light rail, and streetcar

Yes, there is public transportation in Charlotte, NC! The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) offers a bus system, light rail, and streetcar to get residents around the city. The bus system has over 70 routes that cover all major areas of Charlotte, including uptown. The light rail and streetcar currently have two lines - the Blue Line and the Gold Line - which run from north to south and east to west, respectively.

How to use the public transportation system in Charlotte, NC

If you're new to Charlotte, North Carolina, you may be wondering how to use the light rail, streetcar, and bus system:

The Light Rail and Streetcar:

Walk up to a station or park your car at one of the convenient Park & Ride stations (free to park except for JW Clay Station and University City Blvd Station).

Purchase a ticket at the machine located on every station.

The trains stop at each station, so you don’t need to worry.

Google and Apple Maps work great for finding which stop to get off at. The train operator will announce each approaching station.

Trains on average run every 15 minutes - if you’re wondering where to find the detailed Charlotte light rail schedule you can visit this website:

The bus system:

Many of CATS bus routes provide service to the Blue Line for easy access to stations.

You can download the CATS-Pass app to purchase fares and see nearby bus stops.

It’s that easy - feel confident in riding in our safe, fully-electric buses to get around the city!

The benefits of using public transportation in Charlotte, NC

Public transportation can be a great way to get around Charlotte, NC. It can help you save money on parking and gas, and it can be a great way to meet new people and see new parts of the city. Whether it’s riding to work, barhopping on the weekends, or exploring new districts - Charlotte’s public transportation system has countless uses.

Neighboring Concepts has had the pleasure of taking on responsibility for the architecture and planning behind our light rail and streetcar system. Learn more about our involvement below:


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