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Our Brand

Our brand identity is an important part of how we communicate to the community, we want to ensure that our branding is high-resolution and used properly.


Click on any of the images on this webpage to download a high-quality PNG of our logos or reach out to marketing if you need something a bit more specific.

Logo (Center) (Neighboring).png


We are constantly striving to increase our positive impact on the world
around us, and our branding is a reflection of that commitment.

Our icon represents a handshake and unison - highlighting our beliefs in
community and collaboration.

Our icon serves as a strong, recognizable symbol that can be used in places where text cannot be used.

Icon (Color) (Neighboring).png


Our landscape logo is best used in rectangular spaces where the center-aligned icon does not fit.

Logo (Left) (Neighboring).png

Core Brand Colors

Neighboring Concepts has a strong emphasis on shades of green. These shades remind us of the green landscape we see in many of the communities we serve - growing strong, tall, and healthy. Green is a friendly color and has been a recognizable part of our brand for many years.


We’ve developed a palette that consolidates the shades we use into four core colors.

Our primary and secondary colors are taken directly from our logo. Here’s the common hierarchy in which they’re used:



Dark is an accent color to our palette, typically used for bold backgrounds



Primary is the core color of our brand. This is the hue that the world associates with Neighboring Concepts. When in doubt, find reassurance in our primary color.



Secondary is our secondary green color, it accompanies the primary green and provides a pleasurable contrast.



Highlight is a light alternative, used for backgrounds and to add splashes of color in other places


Addington CF

Addington CF is the typeface we use for headlines, it provides a recognizable look and style throughout our materials. It should already be installed on your computer and available in programs.

Asset 1.png

RNS Sanz

RNS Sanz is an additional typeface suitable for longer sections of text. This can be used in replacement of Owners Text where it is unavailable.



Transforming communities through architecture



Community + Architecture

We help communities design their own future

Let’s design together

People thrive in the places they love

We design real change

We are local, passionate, and creative

We are community-focused

Smart design that makes a difference


1-Sentence Description

  • We’re a design firm that believes the best way to create a better world is to start with real people and real places.

  • Creating spaces that build the community and practicing sustainable design to enrich the lives of its users

  • We work with communities to effectively blend their visions with a new or existing environment while maintaining their community’s unique qualities and history.


Longer Descriptions

  • Neighboring Concepts is a unique kind of architecture and urban design firm that uses design to solve local problems facing our communities. We believe in the potential of architecture and design to create better lives for people and for the communities where we live, work, and play. Neighboring Concepts is different. We don't just engage our communities — we live next door to them.

  • To create change in the world, you need to start with real people. For us, this means engaging the people who will be living with our projects - end users, residents, business owners, and community groups - in an active design process right from the start.


Even Longer Description

Our mission is to transform communities through architecture. We believe that when communities are empowered to act and to change their own environments, then real, innovative solutions can emerge. We create environments and build communities that respond to the needs of the people who live there. We design, build, and live in these places - creating a space that is tailored to the people it serves.


Press / Firm Bio

Neighboring Concepts has been at the forefront of community-focused architecture since 1996. Our approach is rooted in active listening and strong community engagement, which has been the key to our success. We know how to create tangible results that are unique to each client, by combining the best practices, research, and experience.


We have a proven track record of successfully designing and building community-focused facilities that meet the needs of the people they serve. We have been working hard for over two decades to make our communities a better place for the people who live in them. We have experience designing a wide range of projects, from urban spaces to public transportation, recreation, affordable housing, education and other civic areas. Our passion is helping communities grow, and our goal is to create spaces that are not only functional but also beautiful, sustainable and inclusive.


Our firm is a minority-owned and certified HUB, MBE and SPSF company. We believe in supporting underserved areas and building inclusive and thoughtful spaces. We see architecture as a tool for impacting people, their livelihoods, and the social fabric around them - and we know that thoughtful design can elevate people's daily lives and give them a real stake in the changes happening around them.


As a small firm with a big mission, we are able to be locally responsive and personally invested in the communities we serve. We understand how to use the personal connections we make with neighbors as a source of inspiration and strength to build better communities. We take pride in being able to provide a high level of personal attention and service to our clients, while also having the ability to handle large and complex projects. We're a design firm whose mission is to transform communities through architecture.

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