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“Shaping Our Future” Initiative – Equitable Transit-Oriented Development Planning

Chapel Hill, NC, USA


Neighboring Concepts is supporting Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) for the Equitable Transit-Oriented Development planning to be implemented in preparation of the North-South Bus Rapid Transit (N-S BRT) Project of the Town of Chapel Hill. Our team is leading the community engagement and outreach efforts, while supporting the SOM team with ETOD planning services.

A special priority of this effort is to elevate the voices of those who have been less engaged in the past so that all constituencies who will involved in the outcomes can participate in charting holistic goals for equitable development. These include goals for affordable and missing middle housing, economic development, development types, community-serving public spaces, and robust bike and pedestrian networks. The outcome will be vibrant, walkable anchor places that provide homes, services and jobs and link to surrounding neighborhoods, attract riders to transit, and interweave public and private sector investment to resiliently build an equitable, dynamic future for all of Chapel Hill.

In progress


8.2 miles


Town of Chapel Hill

External Team:

Lead Designer: SOM

Services Provided:

Community Engagement
Urban Planning

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