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757 North Apartments

757 N Chestnut St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, USA


This mixed-use affordable housing project in the Goler Heights Neighborhood of Winston-Salem, NC addresses the need to transform the residential community into a mixed income and multi-generational neighborhood. In response to an RFP released by the Goler Community Development Corporation, Neighboring Concepts, working together with developer Laurel Street Residential, proposed this urban living community which consists of 105 multi-family rental units. The building provides active use spaces along Patterson Avenue and ground level park- ing below a concrete podium structure, with three levels of wood framed housing above. Respecting the historic neighborhood, the exterior material palette complements the area’s past, but alludes to the future represented by the nearby Biotech Campus.



96,000 sqft, 105 Apartment Units


Laurel Street Residential

External Team:

Services Provided:

Construction Administration

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