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ABC Stores Prototype

Charlotte, NC, USA


Neighboring Concepts was chosen as architect of record to create a prototype design for new ABC stores to be built in Mecklenburg County. The client sought to improve the public image of local ABC Stores through a new, 6,000 square foot, prototype store design that combined a recognizable look with attractiveness and functionality. Neighboring Concepts took this opportunity to ensure the customer’s shopping experience would be a pleasing one, and took cues from fashion and jewelry retail environments for the new prototype.

Both customer and employee satisfaction were emphasized in the design of the store interior. For ease of viewing and circulation, shelves were laid out in wide-aisled, radial pattern around the semicircular, raised cash wrap. Wall shelves are angled toward the entering customer, with shelf backlighting and signage further emphasizing the product. A security office overlooks the store from behind the cash wrap. A warehouse, restrooms, and mixed beverage checkout area are located to the rear half of the store.



6,000 sqft


Mecklenburg County

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