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Ballantyne Seniors

15715 Marvin Rd, Charlotte, NC 28277, USA


Ballantyne Seniors is a much-anticipated housing development in the heart of the Ballantyne area. As the first affordable senior housing development in the area, we are proud to be spearheading a new era of inclusivity and accessibility. This project is made possible thanks to NCHFA tax credit funding, and it is part of the larger planned development, Novel Ballantyne, in collaboration with Crescent Communities.

Spanning 85,000 square feet with 82 thoughtfully designed units, Ballantyne Seniors is set to become a haven for older adults seeking comfortable and affordable housing options. With an estimated completion date of Fall 2024, we are excited to have contributed our architectural expertise, construction administration, and tax credit application services to this important project. We are proud to be making a positive impact in the Ballantyne area with Ballantyne Seniors, and we look forward to witnessing the transformative power of this project as it develops.

In progress


85,000 sf (82 units)


Laurel Street Residential

External Team:

Services Provided:

Construction Administration,
Tax Credit Application

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