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CATS CityLYNX Gold Line

Charlotte, NC, USA


Neighboring Concepts, as part of the AECOM Charlotte CityLYNX Gold Line Corridor Project Team, is an active partner in creating a new chapter for smart growth in the City of Charlotte. We are participating in all aspects of the future streetcar line for Charlotte. Connecting some of Charlotte’s most diverse neighborhoods, the proposed line will expand the capacity of two of the three highest ridership bus lines in Charlotte, serve the active life of its communities, and help support streetcar oriented development. The streetcar line will also connect four of the region’s important transit hubs, creating the vital link that will help Charlotte’s transit system function as an integrated whole. In our design work for the streetcar, Neighboring Concepts is fully committed to its urban design values, promoting community vitality and local mobility by creating pedestrian-serving environments and introducing transportation choices.



10-mile streetcar line connecting East and West Sides of Center City Charlotte



External Team:

Lead Engineer: AECOM

Services Provided:

Stop Design
Urban Planning
Community Engagement

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