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CATS LYNX Blue Line Station Finishes

Charlotte, NC, USA


Neighboring Concepts collaborated with Parsons Transportation Group and Sasaki Associates, Inc. in the planning and design of the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) South Corridor Light Rail Project. Assisting with the facilitation of the public participation process, Neighboring Concepts provided field documentation and presentation materials for community and stakeholder work sessions, in addition to providing architectural design for the transit stations along the 12-mile corridor. The design of the stations attempt to link the historic communities along the route, Downtown Charlotte, Historic South End, and Downtown Pineville through the elegant curves and antique material palette. The design team overcame a variety of challenging site locations, including elevated bridges, historic districts, and abandoned rail yards to maintain a consistent, pedestrian friendly environment throughout the transit line. As part of the art-in- transit program, several art installations were commissioned along the corridor, and Neighboring Concepts assisted in the incorporation of the art into the station designs.



Light Rail Stations along the 12 Mile Corridor



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