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CATS MetroRAPID North Corridor BRT

Mooresville, NC, USA


In association with HDR, Neighboring Concepts provided conceptual planning services for the Park and Ride stations of the Interstate-77 express lane running BRT corridor spanning from Mooresville, N.C., in Iredell County, to Uptown Charlotte. Neighboring Concepts analyzed the local planning, multimodal transportation and future development considerations for the half-mile walk-sheds in the station areas. Anticipating future transportation networks and development scenarios, this helped inform the primary contextual recommendations for the station and bus access configurations of the plan alternatives, including in various cases the TOD potential of adjacent sites, and the local bus transfer/mobility hub dimensions of stations.



Six (6) Park & Ride Station Areas
Charlotte, Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, and Mooresville, N.C.



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