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Charlotte Center City 2040 Vision Plan

Charlotte center city, Charlotte, NC, USA

Urban Planning & Design

Charlotte Center City Partners, together with the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, dozens of key thought leaders working in embedded ways in Center City communities, and hundreds of Charlotte’s Center City stakeholders, have crafted a vision for a viable, livable, memorable, sustainable and inclusive Charlotte Center City through the “All in 2040” vision plan-making process.

Consultants from MIG and Neighboring Concepts supported this effort over a three year period in 2019-2022, coordinating with parallel processes. Neighboring Concepts also initiated and, along with the fellow Historic West End firm of Shook Kelley, led the “5 Points Forward” stakeholder initiative. Due to the critical importance of this historic area at the gateway to the West Side, the Knight Foundation funded the initiative through the aegis of the Historic West End Partners. The 5 Points Forward framework provides guidance to develop and carefully steer the development opportunities in the 5 Points streetcar business corridor of the West End in order to retain, celebrate and support its existing and historic African American cultural legacy. The implementation strategies of this initiative were then incorporated into the West End focus area of the Center City 2040 Vision Plan.



Approx. 12 Square Mile Area (Central Business District and Core Neighborhoods)


Charlotte Center City Partners

External Team:

MIG, Inc: Lead Engineer

Services Provided:

Public Engagement
Urban Design
Plan Vision and Goal Setting

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