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East Mecklenburg High School Addition & Renovation

6800 Monroe Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212, USA


The East Mecklenburg High School classroom addition and renovations project included the design and construction of a thirty-classroom addition that will standalone and include general classrooms, CTE classrooms and JROTC classrooms. Also included is a new bus parking lot with a parking capacity for forty-five buses with an entry road to the new bus parking lot that will extend past the new classroom building. Revisions will be made to the existing visitors’ parking lot at the main entrance that will improve access to the school’s main entrance. The project renovations will also include air conditioning to the existing gymnasium and wrestling room, and a new wooded gym floor.

*This project began while Frank Little (Project Manager) was at Bergmann Associates. The project was completed by Neighboring Concepts as architectural consultants to Bergman Associates after Frank Little joined Neighboring Concepts.



42,000 sf (addition)
12,000 (renovation)



External Team:

Services Provided:

Interior Design
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
MEP Engineering
Food Service

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