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Fuller & Dudley Museum of Entrepreneurship

Kernersville, NC 27284, USA


The Fuller & Dudley Museum of Entrepreneurship seeks to honor the lives of two of the most prominent African American Entrepreneurs in American History. Each started with very little and overcame indescribable odds to become national leaders in their respective industries. Both men deeply valued mentoring and encouraging other entrepreneurs, wishing to instill their drive and values into future generations. The building not only seeks to honor the life’s work of incredible men, but to also inspire others to follow their paths. The exhibit spaces will tell the story of successful African American entrepreneurs, while the Fuller & Dudley Institute spaces will teach others to do the same. The 75,000 square foot building seeks to embody the feelings of ‘Empower’, ‘Enlighten’, ‘Dignity’ and ‘Strength’, all values that Fuller & Dudley hoped to inspire in others. The building itself is a modern interpretation of a simple form inspired by Mr. Fuller’s Chicago buildings from the 1960’s. At the heart of the building, the open forum will celebrate sharing, collaboration, teaching visioning, and dreaming; creating a place to fellowship with others and where future entrepreneurs will rise.

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75,000 sqft


Fuller Dudley, LLC

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