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Harmony Place at Grier Heights Seniors

2931 Marney Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205, USA


The Grier Heights Senior Apartment building is a 4 story, 72 unit affordable housing development dedicated to meeting the growing need for senior housing in Charlotte. Located in the Grier Heights neighborhood just outside the city center, the project with Laurel Street Residential occupies a formerly vacant two acre site within the neighborhood. Neighboring Concepts’ design looks to fit within the neighborhood context with a welcoming streetscape and rhythmic façade that addresses the character of the surrounding single-family homes and residential apartments.

The project offers indoor and outdoor amenities including a community multipurpose room and kitchen, fitness room, sitting areas, garden plots, and management office space. Sitting areas are located at the corner of the site, providing opportunities for residents to connect with the community.



42,000 sqft


External Team:

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Construction Administration

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