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JJ Henderson

807 S Duke St, Durham, NC 27701, USA


JJ Henderson is located just outside of downtown Durham adjacent to the existing JJ Henderson Tower. This project consists of a new 4 story, 80-unit building that also includes a 1,300 sf multi-purpose room to serve both the existing tower and the new senior building. Amenities include skyline views from sitting rooms, garden beds, a computer room and laundry at each level.

This project is to be used as multi-family affordable housing and successfully completed Enhanced Review permitting in the City of Durham that included compliance with the local UDO. This new complex is planned with diverse low-income residents in mind. Neighboring Concepts goal for JJ Henderson is to create affordable housing designs that appropriately balance concerns for quality of life and affordability. Neighboring Concepts is taking initiative for enhanced urban planning through the design and construction of buildings that meet Green Building Criteria, optimizing land use, and creating cost effective units.

In Progress


4 Story Building, 80 Units


Laurel Street Residential

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