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Meck Playbook

Mecklenburg County, NC, USA

Urban Planning & Design

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, which includes the City of Charlotte, has experienced significant population growth since the 1970s. Home to over a million residents, the County continues to attract newcomers with its diverse communities, affordable quality of life, temperate climate, and expansive greenway and park system.

Neighboring Concepts, supporting AgencyLP recently launched a robust community engagement and master plan process, called Meck Playbook, that is tailored to suit the diverse needs of the residents, visitors, and stakeholder organizations in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. In partnership with Neighboring Concepts, Kimley Horn, and Berry Dunn, and through careful listening, observation, and analysis, the Agency team has been developing innovative and implementable recommendations that address challenges and aspirations of the park and recreation system as the community it serves continues to grow.

The final Meck Playbook Executive summary can be viewed at:



New Comprehensive Plan


Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation

External Team:

Lead Designer: AgencyLP

Services Provided:

Facility Assessment
Community Engagement

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