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The Oaks at Cherry

Cherry, Charlotte, NC 28204, USA


Situated on the outskirts of Uptown Charlotte in one of Charlotte’s most historic neighborhoods, a new mixed-income affordable housing community is on the rise in Cherry. Neighboring Concepts was instrumental in the development and design of six separate groups of properties, all of which included demolition of existing housing units and buildings. The Tall Oaks community will include a total of 14 new buildings that house 81 new units across the existing six sites.

Cherry’s rich history dates back to 1891 when it was developed as the first neighborhood to provide home-ownership opportunities for laborers and working class African Americans. The neighborhood consisted of bungalow style single-family homes and a number of urban amenities including a city park, school, churches, and tree-lined streets. The changes occurred near the 1960s when investors began to purchase homes and convert to rental properties, thus turning into substandard buildings and homes. Because of the vision between Charlotte Housing Authority and Horizon Development Properties, and the assistance of Federal funds, the transformation began to revitalize the community into the historic neighborhood – focusing on affordable housing for longtime Cherry residents.



14 Buildings, 81 New Units


Horizon Development Properties

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