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Wake BRT: New Bern Avenue

New Bern Ave, Raleigh, NC, USA


Neighboring Concepts is supporting HNTB to provide professional design services for the City of Raleigh’s first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project along the New Bern Avenue Corridor. As Raleigh’s first BRT project, the scope of work includes establishing System Standards for the entire BRT system, along with Final Design efforts at New Bern Avenue. Final Design efforts include station design, platform area, and shelter design.
At the onset of every project, Neighboring Concepts engages in local, neighborhood, and historic research paired with public engagement to guide design solutions. As a part of this project, rudimentary historic research has been conducted for the New Bern BRT Corridor, and public engagement is currently underway. Additionally, Neighboring Concepts is coordinating directly with branding and artists’ efforts to create a holistic, integrated BRT experience for future transit ridership, connecting community members to education, service and employment centers.

In progress


6 Mile Corridor | 19 stations


City of Raleigh

External Team:

Lead Engineer: HNTB

Services Provided:

Artist Engagement
Graphics + Visualization

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