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Our Rebranding

The Why, What, and How


We still have the same mission statement from 1996:

transforming communities through architecture

and we plan on keeping it.


We have decided to rebrand our firm for a number of reasons: to update our image, appeal to a wider range of clients, and ensure our mission is obvious.

Here's why we're doing it, what we're changing, and how you can expect the process to unfold:


1990's Firm Logo


Early 2000's Neighboring Concepts Website

We want to better reflect our values; appeal to a wider range of clients; and update our image.

There are many reasons for why we have decided to take on this process, but chief among them is the desire to better reflect our values as a company. Not only do we want to create a more accurate representation of who we are, but also one that will appeal to a wider range of individuals and organizations.


Our values:

We've been in business for over 25 years, and in that time, we've learned a lot about what it takes to create great architecture. We're constantly evolving and growing as a firm, and part of that is rebranding ourselves every so often. Our values haven't changed though; we still believe in transforming communities through architecture.


Changes we're making

We're making some changes around here! Beyond updating our look and feel, we are transitioning in staff and business development.

For starters: a new logo, website, and refreshed social media accounts. We want to reflect the change in our brand identity in everything we do moving forward.

Beyond design: a new way of doing things, new challenges, and new ventures.


The logo

We are constantly striving to increase our positive impact on the world around us, and this rebrand is a reflection of that commitment. Our new logo represents a handshake and unity - highlighting our beliefs in community and collaboration. We hope that our new branding will inspire others to join us in creating a better future for Charlotte.


Our website

We've designed a new website with capabilities to handle all of our projects. Combining modern and beautiful design with practical use. This website serves as both a portfolio, but also an internal use for our staff and partnered businesses.


Video production

Scrolling through our website or social media accounts, you'll notice a lot of videos - that's because we live to tell the stories of our clients. The beauty of our work is found in the people behind it and we want to feature their passionate efforts in a visually consumable way.

2022 Color Palette

Screen Shot 2022-03-14 at 2.12.22 PM.png

Early 2000's Firm Logo

Neighboring Concepts (Transparent).png

Most Recent Logo

Logo (Left) (Neighboring).png

Our Rebranding

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