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Brittany Howze


704.594.7977 x 2512


Starting year in industry:


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Queen University
Bachelor's of Art




A Bit About

Brittany Howze

Brittany, a recent graduate from Queen’s University’s Interior Design Program, finds fulfillment in designing spaces that provoke emotions. Brittany has a passion for interior design, and she brings this passion to our team. Her creativity and interest in new design concepts help bring valuable insight to each project she touches.

“I’m passionate about architecture because of the power it has to influence human emotions. Being an interior designer allows me to shape-shift a building and create spaces that provoke different emotions to the user.

My goal is to create spaces that make you feel comfortable, alive, and timeless. From each project that I play a role in, I gain a wealth of new knowledge and experience. I’m proud of what I’ve learned so far and I would say my greatest accomplishment has been graduating college as a first-generation student.

Cady was my mentor during my senior year of college. She helped guide me through a project. When I had graduated and began looking for the first step into my career, I thought of Cady and Neighboring Concepts. I’m excited to get involved in all of the community-aspects of our projects and create change through design.

In my free time I enjoy running, relaxing, and spending time with family!”

If I weren’t an interior designer I’d be . . .
Either a photographer or a child psychologist

Bri + Yovan (boyfriend)

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