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Ian Shelton


704.374.0916 x2514


Starting year in industry:


Starting year at Neighboring:



Bachelor of Architecture
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA




NC # 14179


A Bit About

Ian Shelton

Through excellence in education, training and studying abroad - Ian has developed a passion for details, materials, and community driven architecture. With his education highlighting the appreciation of design through building assembly and the constructed environment, Ian’s interest in architecture focuses on connecting people through the spaces they occupy. He believes good design and a sensitivity to space through construction and material play an important role in the community.


"Architecture brings together many different people, skills, and experiences to make good design. The big ideas and small details are equally just as important. I enjoy working with light, space, material, and detail, to realize a vision for the design that can have a positive impact on the community.

I started at Neighboring Concepts as my first job out of college. I was attracted to the quality of work produced by the firm and its mission to design community-driven architecture. I’m an architect that works on a lot of our community and affordable housing projects, and I am beyond proud of our award-winning projects that we have been able to create as a team.

Architecture is something that affects everyone and it’s important to make thoughtful, well-designed spaces for the people who experience it. It’s rewarding to see your designs be built and used every day.

A typical day for me - making breakfast for the kids before starting work, taking a lunch break for a peanut butter sandwich and then spending the evening in the backyard or going on a walk. I end the day relaxing on the couch with whatever sports are on after putting the kids to bed."

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