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Sheldyn Merrell



Starting year in industry:


Starting year at Neighboring:



Masters in Architecture at Hampton University
Master in Research Science at University of Minnesota




A Bit About

Sheldyn Merrell

Sheldyn loves to create beautiful, functional spaces for people. Her unique educational background, an alumnus at Hampton University with a Master’s in Architecture and at the University of Minnesota with a Master of Research and Science, allowed her to serve as a valuable asset to clients in creating workspaces that foster creativity. With previous architectural experience in corporate office buildings, Lean design, and community engagement - Sheldyn brings to the table the ability to make spaces smart, functional, and beautiful.


“I love people and I love space - the combination of the two is architecture. My grandfather was a contractor and growing up as I assisted and watched him, I found a love for creating spaces. I find passion in creating beautiful space that reflects the people who live in them.

Community engagement incorporated into design is a passion of mine and is what attracted me to Neighboring Concepts - I truly enjoy how their work reflects the integration of community members with architecture to create equitable neighborhoods. This sparked memories of projects I worked on in the past that I appreciated. I participated in a sea-level rise program that worked with communities in flooding zones to help create solutions for low-tide areas in Virginia. Also, I worked with a small rural community in Minnesota through community engagement workshops to understand the needs of the community to design and program a community center.

My greatest accomplishments have been traveling and having the chance to experience many different cultures with my friends and family and finishing two master’s degrees.

I like to lounge and catch up on a good show with a cup of chai tea. In my free time, I try to do yoga, make a quick target run, hang out with friends, enjoy great food and the outdoors. My fiancé works on a farm, and I also enjoy helping him with gardening. I’m not a morning person at all – so you’ll catch me staying up late, either working on a personal project or just watching movies”

If I weren’t an architect, I’d be . . .
My dream would be furniture design or product design. I refurbish furniture pieces and would like to own a storefront selling the furniture that I have worked on and curated.

Sheldyn + Curness (fiancé) + houseplants

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