Stephanie Shue


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UNC Charlotte (Third Year)
Majoring in Architecture




A Bit About

Stephanie Shue

Stephanie brings with her a wealth of creativity that is unrivaled by her peers, alongside a dedication to quality. She works to create a better physical space for all of us to exist in, and finds great fulfillment in doing so. Her creativity and interest in new design concepts help bring valuable insight to our team.


“I’ve always had a passion for art and math. Architecture is like a natural fit, fulfilling my creativity while also taking advantage of my logical side. I enjoy design and creating spaces for people, which is one of the things about Neighboring Concepts that caught my attention. Looking through their website, there were several projects I recognized and immediately noticed their impact on the community.

I’m a student at UNC Charlotte in my third year. I enjoy growing and caring for my tomatoes, zucchini, flowers, and many other plants. I stay pretty busy, working in the studio at school and reading in my free time.”

If I weren’t an architect I’d be . . .
Realistically, I’d probably go into civil engineering. However, I used to work for Jets Pizza and I really enjoyed it - I could see myself further pursuing my pizza career.

Stephanie + family + cat Sophie