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Taryn Hofert



704.594.7977 x 2539


Starting year in industry:

Starting year at Neighboring:



Bachelor of Arts in Music
Cedarville College
Bachelor of Arts in Communications
Cedarville University




A Bit About

Taryn Hofert

A seasoned storyteller via various mediums and musician by trade, Taryn spent the past twenty years harnessing creativity for causes ranging from humanitarian aid and homelessness elimination to grassroots startups and cultivation of local musicians of all genres and ages .
A local entrepreneur, she’s co-founded both small businesses and a nonprofit. A New Englander who has called the Queen City home for the past 18+ years, she was drawn to Neighboring Concepts’ commitment to preserve the culture of Charlotte’s historic neighborhoods, our mission to transform communities through architecture and our diverse-by-design team. 

With a long history of creating spaces, programming and media for community gatherings, she brings a people-centric angle to her marketing endeavors and, although brand new to the world of architecture, vast experience in weaving intentionality with branding.

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