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We help communities

design their own future

Let's Design Together

People thrive in the places they love. Which is why we are empowering our communities to be part of the revitalization of their neighborhoods so that we can redevelop their cities in a faster, smarter, and more engaging way.

Our featured projects

We take advantage of visual storytelling to highlight some of our most impactful projects

Some of our favorites

Rachel Hamrick at 5 Points Better Block Build
Better Block Porch Party
20191012_HolaCLT (3)
Open Streets 1
Better Block Process (2)

Community Engagement

Let's Design Together

We help communities be engaged in the design process. We provide open space strategies and help communities figure out what they want their neighborhood to look like.

By directly engaging and involving the people who use the spaces we design, we are able to better understand what they are looking for. Our process begins with understanding an area, whether it be a neighborhood, street or park. We then engage the community members to really understand individual needs of each person and family in that place, so that solutions can be tailored and adapted to fit their lives.

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