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Our team believes in the lasting impact that transit projects can have to transform entire cities. By providing reliable, predictable, and high quality transit, individuals gain access to housing, goods, services, and educational opportunities that were not previously accessible.


When we work with communities on a project, we don’t just build it and leave them to it. We help them to understand how they can maintain it, how they can make it grow and connect more meaningfully to their community.

Smart design, responsible planning

We are empowering our communities to be part of the revitalization of their neighborhoods so that we can redevelop their cities in a faster, smarter, and more engaging way.

Let's Design Together

Transit is a great way to get around our cities. It helps citizens ride to work, meet new people, and explore new parts of their city. Beyond this, transit can have a powerful impact to uplift areas and change lives.


Neighboring Concepts has had the pleasure of taking on responsibility for several architectural and transit oriented development projects throughout our region. Our passion lies in bringing opportunities to underserved communities.

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